Fishing on the Rio Grande One of Colorado’s best-kept secrets, the Rio Grande River starts 25 miles west of Broadacres Ranch in the San Juan Mountains. Flowing clear and cold from Rio Grande Reservoir, by the time the river reaches the Broadacres property line it takes on the characteristics of both a freestone stream and a tail water fishery. The 2.5 miles of private water at Broadacres is a broad, fast flowing piece of water with a variable boulder and gravel bottom. The river itself is easily accessed by wading, but it can also be floated. There is so much holding water from bank to bank that one can fish an entire morning without moving more than a few yards.

The Rio Grande and its tributaries on and near Broadacres Ranch have an incredibly diverse population of aquatic insects. The river’s peak season, starting around late June when runoff usually subsides, commences with a terrific golden stonefly hatch. Multiple species of other stones, mayflies and caddis come off before and after the stonefly hatch begins, and continue to hatch heavily throughout the summer and early fall. Big hatches mean fantastic dry fly fishing throughout our peak fishing season.

The Ranch’s 2.5 mile stretch of the Rio Grande typically produces brown and rainbow trout. Most of the fish are wild, but there are some stocked rainbows in the mix. The average fish size on the Ranch is about 14 inches, but fish up to 20 inches are commonly caught during a day’s fishing. Trophies up to 25 inches are not too rare, either. All fishing on the ranch is catch & release.

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